Residential Property Sales

Selling and marketing real estate has changed with close to a 100% of buyer enquiry now coming from the Internet. Agents no longer need shop fronts for buyers to browse window displays, what’s most important is maximising marketing exposure to sift through buyers and negotiate the highest price.

When you sign a real estate agency agreement most agents will ask you for a 3 month agreement which means you cannot sell with another agent until that period expires even if you are not happy with their service. RDM Services only asks for a 6 week agreement why, because if we are doing our job well, the property should be sold within that timeframe.

When selecting an agent don’t just go with the one that tells you the highest price, it’s called “buying the listing”, why because you property can sit on the market and not sell because the price is not realistic, and the agent will then condition you to drop your price.

We do not make you pay advertising costs, we only request a 6 week agreement and are able to charge you less commission – we’re in sales because we can sell and with over 33 years experience and local Western Sydney knowledge we’ll get the job done.

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